When I was 13 we lived in the country in the foothills of Colorado. I had fields to explore, trees to climb and an endless ability to dream. I watched shooting stars from my upstairs window, created pressed flowers and cards in my little studio and wrote novels on a typewriter. The world was literally at my fingertips. My dad began letting me use his Nikon film camera at that time and a new world opened up to me. I started staging fashion shoots in the wheat fields with my friends and began capturing from a new freedom. Eventually I went to photography school while also falling in love with Santa Barbara.

Here my story really began, in the jasmine scented streets and purple flower littered sidewalks. I have been entranced ever since. Specializing in portraiture, my passion is to create not only a portrait but a world to get lost in. Working with me involves planning the look of your vision, a color palette, finding the perfect pieces to wear and a location to encircle you with. I want to make your dreams come true ... at least in a photograph. With a world of instant access and iPhones, my hope is the dreamers would find me and want to create magic that will not only grace your walls but your imagination too.

Can we create a stunning portrait of your family and kids before they grow up? How about a dream world with your pet that preserves the beauty of their companionship? Dreaming of shooting in the salt flats or Joshua Tree where the landscape speaks your language? Maybe it's a meaningful spot here in the lovely Santa Barbara. What if your portraits had more meaning than just rushing your family to get in photos before the holidays? Let's dig a little deeper... dream a little bigger... reach a little higher.

"It was never about what existed, it was about what didn't exist." - James Perse

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“My inspiration comes from art, French history, interior design, roses, biographies and this beautiful life itself.”